In my previous post, I talked about using Flutter to create apps. If you are familiar with programming you might wonder why I picked Flutter. Ultimately it came down to the convenience of cross-platform use. I would loathe learning to develop for iOS, but with Flutter, this opens the door.

I could’ve used React Native or Xamarin but those choices didn’t make sense to me. I’m not a web developer so React Native didn’t seem like a good fit. I also am put off by Facebook (who isn’t?), and they built it. Xamarin is made by Microsoft, and while I used to adore Microsoft back in the day, I don’t any longer. They are a dying breed. I did some research on Xamarin anyway, and what I found was the UI depends on the platform to draw, and Flutter instead uses it’s own engine and widgets to draw the UI, which increases performance.

I’m not too concerned about the other frameworks I could’ve used, I can say why I like Flutter though. I love Google, and it is the company behind Android, I trust a cross-platform framework to run well on Android when it comes from the same company that makes Android. Plus Flutter is used in Fuchsia, Google’s next OS, so it feels good learning something that will be first-party to the new OS.

All in all, Flutter is one of my favorite tools in the toolbox.