What is this, what is Lucid Buddy?

Hi, my name is Tyler Swindell, and I’m the founder of Lucid Buddy LLC. A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to pursue building mobile apps for profit. I always wanted to build something with technology ever since I was a kid. I self taught myself the Java programming language using the Udacity nanodegree - Android Basics. I then pushed myself to learn Flutter, a UI framework from Google. Flutter uses the Dart programming language. I used these skills to build an app called TimeLiner. TimeLiner was meant to help me stay on top of things, it was a tool I’d use myself and then make available for purchase for others. It would be my first app people could buy from Lucid Buddy!

What happened?

Building TimeLiner using Flutter was fun and engaging. It helped me get better at coding, and I loved fixing bugs. Unfortunately, I lost interest when I discovered I couldn’t do it alone. I spent too much time building it, and many other apps already existed that served the same purpose. While I genuinely enjoyed building the app, I knew it wasn’t feasible in the longterm to develop apps on my own, while also having a daytime job.

What are you doing now?

I’m now exploring entering the IT industry. I’m currently taking courses for obtaining a Google IT Support Professional Certificate, after which I plan on obtaining a CompTIA A+ certification. Lucid Buddy’s site remains online as more of an experiment on the side. Recently, I switched the site from the WordPress CMS to a headless CMS using Git. It was an experiment designed to make the site use less resources but still keep it online and presentable.